Pre-Order is live for Electronic Dreams For A Holographic Existence

The pre-order is now live, so do wait to grab your copy of Steve Greene (Voyag3r) debut solo album Electronic Dreams For A Holographic Existence! Information and quantities available are listed below for the vinyl versions as well as the cassette.


100 Transparent Red Vinyl available at
200 Standard Black Vinyl available at
75 Red Tint Cassettes available here at the Battle Chamber Store
BandCamp Pre-Order available at
BandCamp pre-orders is for digital. Order now and receive “Machines, Schemes and Manipulations” instantly!


The Battle Chamber Store also has bundles packages for CD, Cassette and T-Shirt orders. As you can see, there are very limited quantities. Order your copies now!

On ELECTRONIC DREAMS FOR A HOLOGRAPHIC EXISTENCE, Greene has distilled the sum of a life of diverse musical influences and experiences into a compelling eight-song instrumental album. Whether or not listeners get enveloped by Greene’s pondering of some degree of singularity, they are sure to experience something that stays with them after the album’s final note ends.

“I’m sure it will mean different things to different people,” Greene said. “I’d feel like I accomplished something if this album took some listeners to places, in their mind, they might not normally go.”

Track listing:

Side 1
1. “Triad of the Dark”
2. “Machines, Schemes and Manipulations”
3. “Aerial Maneuvers”
4. “Gravitationally Bound”

Side 2
1. “The Hoax”
2. “The Great Barrier”
3. “Revel in Your Time”
4. “Expanding Symmetry”





Steve Greene (Voyag3r) to release debut solo album on January 26, 2018

steve-greene-electronic-dreams-for-a-holographic-existenceVoyag3r’s Steve Greene Challenges the Nature of Reality on Solo Debut Sci-Fi Synth Album Electronic Dreams for a Holographic Existence

Electronic composer and producer Steve Greene (Voyag3r) releases his first solo album, ELECTRONIC DREAMS FOR A HOLOGRAPHIC EXISTENCE, on Jan. 26, fresh off Voyag3r’s inclusion on Lakeshore Records’ THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS companion album. Pre-orders for Greene’s sci-fi-infused synth album open on Jan. 5 on vinyl via Bellyache Records, and in digital stores (including Bandcamp) and on CD and cassette via Battle Chamber Music.

The all-hardware, all-analog instrumental, synthesizer-driven album recalls the iconic work of composers such as Vangelis (BLADE RUNNER), Tangerine Dream (THIEF, RISKY BUSINESS), and John Carpenter (ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, HALLOWEEN).

ELECTRONIC DREAMS FOR A HOLOGRAPHIC EXISTENCE could be a score for a film-not-yet-made, based on a lost Philip K. Dick story, that tackles the big question of humanity’s relationship with technology, and if we’re deeper into a technology-driven false reality than we think we are.

“The concept of the album poses the question of whether we’ve always been living in some type of augmented or virtual reality and we’re now only becoming aware of the small hints of it in our place in existence,” Steve Greene said.

Greene recorded his album’s eight minimalistic, nuanced synth tracks in his Battle Chamber studio in the Detroit area, using a wide array of vintage gear: a Sequential Circuits Pro-One and SixTrak, a Moog MiniTaur and Micro Moog, Alesis Ion, MultiVox MX-202 and Roland Alpha Juno 2. He even used a Rhodes Mark V electric piano on some songs. He also played saxophone. The results make for a moving experience.

“I believe it’s all a personal preference and my preference is hardware synthesizers and real instruments,” Greene says. “In general, tactile manipulation and physical performance is where it’s at for me. That approach just feels and sounds real — unique character and even imperfections all make for a vibe that I can connect with.”

On ELECTRONIC DREAMS FOR A HOLOGRAPHIC EXISTENCE, Greene has distilled the sum of a life of diverse musical influences and experiences into a compelling eight-song instrumental album. Whether or not listeners get enveloped by Greene’s pondering of some degree of singularity, they are sure to experience something that stays with them after the album’s final note ends.

“I’m sure it will mean different things to different people,” Greene said. “I’d feel like I accomplished something if this album took some listeners to places, in their mind, they might not normally go.”

Track listing:

Side 1
1. “Triad of the Dark”
2. “Machines, Schemes and Manipulations”
3. “Aerial Maneuvers”
4. “Gravitationally Bound”

Side 2
1. “The Hoax”
2. “The Great Barrier”
3. “Revel in Your Time”
4. “Expanding Symmetry”


Since 2013, the metro Detroit-based Greene has been the synthesizer player and keyboardist for synthy/prog/sci-fi rock band Voyag3r, alongside guitarist Aaron Greene and drummer Greg Mastin. In addition to their song on the companion record to the international TROTS synthwave documentary, the band has released two well-received full-length albums.

Greene has developed a career on his own as a composer, too, recently scoring Rob Cousineau’s and Chris Rosik’s sci-fi/dark comedy film FUTURE, for which Greene won Best Score at the 2017 Genre Blast Film Festival in Winchester, Virginia. In 2015, he composed the score for PORTAL TO HELL!!!, Vivieno Caldinelli’s short film starring the late Roddy Piper.

Greene also runs the Battle Chamber, a recording studio outfitted with analog and digital gear. He primarily offers mixing services, but offers production packages when timelines and budgets fit.

For more information on Greene and the album, or for interviews, contact Greene is also on Twitter and Facebook.

If you are interested in reviewing ELECTRONIC DREAMS FOR A HOLOGRAPHIC EXISTENCE for your publication or website, please reply with a download request. Steve Greene is also available for interviews or a radio/podcast guest.

New Steve Greene solo song via Burning Witch Records


Steve Greene will release his 2nd solo song on Saturday, October 14. Noir, City Streets and Macabre pt. 1 will be available as part of the Witches’ Halloween Brew cassette compilation in celebration of Cassette Store Day.

Burning Witches Records has a scary good release planned for Cassette Store Day, Oct. 14, that raises money for the World Wildlife Foundation, one of the best independent conservation organizations out there.

Witches’ Halloween Brew is a 19-cut, very limited-edition cassette compilation featuring some of the best synth-score composers for films real and imagined: Wojciech Golczewski, MAINE, Xander Harris, Pye Corner Audio, Steve Greene, and many more (details below). For those who don’t have a tape player, don’t worry: You’ll be able to buy it in digital form, too.

To add to how awesome this collection is, take note: MONDO/Death Waltz music head Spencer Hickman sequenced the release and visual artist Kimberley Holladay (who created the art for Death Waltz’s reissue of Forbidden World) did the artwork. Overall, it’s designed to create the perfect Halloween party, all while helping to save animals. It’s a win for everyone.

Each copy includes a download card. The album will also be available digitally via the Burning Witches Bandcamp. It’s set for release on Cassette Store Day, which is Oct. 14.


All of the artists agreed to donate their proceeds to the WWF, a cause that animates Burning Witches Records. Here is the track list:

  1. Xander Harris – “Burn Slow” 04:50
  2. Pye Corner Audio – “Forbidden Scenario 5” 04:36
  3. Joel Grind – “A Face In The Fog” 03:35
  4. Wojciech Golczewski – “Get Out” 03:39
  5. Repeated Viewing – “Dawn” 03:41
  6. BurningTapes – “Kiva” 03:09
  7. Ian Alex Mac – “The Homecoming” 02:46
  8. Espectrostatic – “The Doom That Came To Marble Town” 02:06
  9. Thomas Ragsdale – “Credo” 04:58
  10. All of Them Witches – “Return Of The Witch” 03:32
  11. Graham Reznick – “Hexagram” 03:01
  12. Moon Gangs – “Dressed In Red” 07:20
  13. Timothy Fife – “Polykinesis” 03:32
  14. Deathcount In Silicon Valley – “Leather Death” 05:58
  15. Steve Nolan – “Birth” 04:00
  16. Steve Greene – “Noir, City Streets and Macabre Pt.1” 07:08
  17. DIE HEXEN – “Haunt” 04:09
  18. Kreng – “Jurkje” 04:37
  19. MAINE – “Theme” 03:13


The 80 minutes of music will manifest on three different cassette variants, each limited to 75 copies: Pumpkin Orange, Neon Blood Red, and Glitter Witch.



Future wins Best Score and more at 2017 Genre Blast Film Festival

The film Future, produced by Get Super Rad and directed by Rob Cousineau, got its world premiere at the 2017 Genre Blast Film Festival in Winchester, VA on September 10. Future also received three awards including the fests’ Founders’ Award, Best Actor (Josh Cousineau) and lastly, to Steve Greene for Best Score. The score to Future was recorded and mixed at the Battle Chamber by Steve Greene.

Future has more film festival appearances scheduled.

Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival in Bay City, MI – September 28 – October 1, 2017

Halloween International Film Festival in Kill Devil Hills, NC – October 26-28, 2017

Steve Greene solo song FREE download via Rue Morgue Magazine


Steve Greene (of Voyag3r) has released his first solo track entitled Noir, City Streets and Macabre pt. 2 and it is available for FREE download! Rue Morgue Magazine, in celebration, of their 20th Anniversary Halloween issue have put together the horror-synth compilation They Came From Rue Morgue. It is available for FREE download until Halloween over at BandCamp.

In addition to Steve Greene’s track, recorded and mixed at the Battle Chamber, you will find THORSTEN QUAESCHNING and ULRICH SCHNAUSS of soundtrack legends TANGERINE DREAM (The Keep, Near Dark) with a brand-new track that marks the exclusive premiere of their new album Synthwaves. Also on the compilation: a previously unreleased track by ZOMBI for the 2014 movie Cooties, Burning Tapes, Umberto, Antoni Maiovvi and CONFRONTATIONAL, the latter featuring CODY CARPENTER (John’s son and collaborator), and lots more!

Download your copy now!

Future to have world premiere at GenreBlast Film Festival

future-score-steve-greeneThe feature length sci-fi film, FUTURE, produced by Get Super Rad, directed by Rob Cousineau and starring Joshua P. Cousineau and Conor Sweeney (Manborg, Father’s Day & The Editor) gets its world premiere at the GenreBlast Film Festival in Winchester, VA. Sunday, September 10 at 4:30pm. More information at GenreBlast.

The film was scored by Steve Greene who also recorded and mixed the music at the  Battle Chamber in Detroit, MI.

Future is Get Super Rad’s first feature length film and was written by starring actor Joshua P. Cousineau (brother of director Rob Cousineau).

New Voyag3r track recorded and mixed at Battle Chamber for The Rise of the Synths companion album on Lakeshore Records

Brand new Voyag3r song Appearance Of The Mysterious Traveler, recorded exclusively for The Rise of the Synths companion album is being release on on May 1 via Lakeshore Records Bandcamp. Produced, engineered and mixed by Steve Greene at the Battle Chamber and mastered by Carl Saff.

Lakeshore Records will release two official companion EPs for the upcoming documentary The Rise of The Synths this spring. THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS EP 1 features tracks from Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne, Dance With The Dead, OGRE, Lazerhawk, Mega Drive, Voyag3r, and Carpenter Brut’s “Night Stalker”, which was released earlier this year. The EP will be released exclusively through Lakeshore Records’ Bandcamp on May 1 and through all digital providers on May 12.

The Rise of The Synths is a documentary film project exploring the synthwave music scene. The filmmakers are interviewing both new artists and classic composers who helped to create the genre. The film is currently in production after a successful Indiegogo campaign. THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS EP 2 will be released in June. Stay tuned for more album details! See the EP 1 track list below.

the rise of the synths voyag3r

01 Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne: “Triage”
02 Carpenter Brut: “Night Stalker”
03 Dance With The Dead: “Dead of Night”
04 OGRE: “Rebar (Prologue)”
05 Lazerhawk: “A Hero’s Journey”
06 Mega Drive: “Stargate”
07 Voyag3r: “Appearance of the Mysterious Traveler”


The film is a travel in time towards the roots of a worldwide grass-root music scene known as Synthwave, an irresistible blend of modern electronic composition with 80s pop culture’s nostalgia, that over the last two years has transformed from a whisper on selected internet hubs, to an ever-growing scene, expanding rapidly as we speak. Accounting millions of plays on social media, devoted fans are legion, but nobody in the mass media knows about them.

Thousands of synthwave composers around the world are living out double-lives. Away from their normal everyday life they spend another half-life behind a faceless musical avatar, creating and uploading their own renditions of 80’s-styled film scores, sharing them with the world – surging the wave. They belong to an endless army of watchers for the master’s legacy: the sound that Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger, Giorgio Moroder and John Carpenter created in the late 70s.

A time travel into the universe of creating sounds. A love letter to human fascination and the collective memories of a universe that never existed.

Recording reading for upcoming audio book

recording vocalsThe talented Kasey Pierce does a dramatic reading of an upcoming audio book story written by Dirk Manning and scored by Steve Greene.

Fans of Dirk Manning will be happy to know that a 4-part story (taken from his Nightmare World series) is being produced into an audio book series read by 4 different talents and all scored by synthesist Steve Greene.

Recording a brand new Voyag3r track for The Rise of the Synths companion album


Lakeshore Records is releasing a special companion album in support of the crowd-funded film The Rise Of The Synths.  The album will feature many of your favorite synthwave artists.

Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing the bands appearing on the album.  First up: Detroit-based synth-heavy, prog-rock trio VOYAG3R.

THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS is a feature documentary directed by Iván Castell and produced by Javier Moreno with an amazing team from Spain.  The film is the definitive documentary about synthwave and ’80s retro and electronic music.  The filmmakers’ crowd-funding campaign is running right now.  Head over to IndieGogo to give them your support!

The track is being produced, engineered and mixed by Steve Greene at his Battle Chamber studio.

New mix for Rogue Satellites – A Slow Darkness

Just did a mix for Rogue Satellites for their track “A Slow Darkness”. Check it out and add it to your collection!

From Rogue Satellites: To celebrate the one year anniversary of “Bees and Snakes”, we’re releasing “A Slow Darkness: Versions. Along with the original album version, this release includes a very special remix by Steve Greene of Voyag3r. This FREE download will be available for 1 WEEK ONLY! Get it now.