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New Voyag3r album released, New York Ninja


The 4th studio album from Detroit’s Voyag3r (pronounced Voyager 3), New York Ninja (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), is out now on CD, Cassette and Vinyl! The film score was written and performed by Voyag3r and recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Greene, at the Battle Chamber Studio. Artworks by Suspiria.


CD (all 30-tracks) – Battle Chamber Music
In jewel case with tray card and fold-out booklet. Full color disc print

Cassette (20-track sequence) – Battle Chamber Music
“Plutonian Killer Green” [SOLD OUT]
“Vengeance Red”

Vinyl (19-track sequence) – Mondo/Death Waltz Records
Vinegar Syndrome Vinyl Variant – Bone White with Silver Splatter [SOLD OUT]

Digital & Streaming
Available January 7, 2022 at Voyag3rStore.com • iTunes • AmazonMp3 • Spotify • Tidal • Apple Music • Pandora • iHeart Radio • Deezer • YouTube Music

About the Film New York Ninja

Originally directed by and starring martial arts actor John Liu (The Secret Rivals, Invincible Armor) in his only American production, New York Ninja was filmed entirely on 35mm in 1984, but the project was abandoned during production resulting in all original sound materials being lost over time. 35 years later, Vinegar Syndrome acquired the original unedited camera negative and painstakingly constructed and completed the film. Enlisting the voice talents of genre favorites: Don “The Dragon” Wilson (Bloodfist, Whatever It Takes), Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Nightmare Sisters), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies), Vince Murdocco (Night Hunter, LA Wars), Matt Mitler (The Mutilator, Battle for the Lost Planet), Leon Isaac Kennedy (Lone Wolf McQuade, Penitentiary), Ginger Lynn Allen (The Devil’s Rejects, Vice Academy), and Cynthia Rothrock (China O’Brien, Martial Law) Vinegar Syndrome Pictures is extremely proud to present this truly one of kind film experience. Restored in 4K from the original camera elements, New York Ninja is finally available in all of its ridiculous over-the-top glory for the first time ever after spending nearly four decades in film obscurity.

Directed by: John Liu and Kurtis Spieler
2021 / 93 min / 1.85:1 / English 2.0 Stereo

Listen to one track from the album on our Sounds page.

Get your copy of Voyag3r – New York Ninja (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) now at Voyag3rStore.com

New Voyag3r album, War Mask, announced

Voyag3r (pronounced Voyager 3) return with their 3rd studio album, War Mask. Expanding on the sonic pallet the band created with their debut, Doom Fortress, and follow up 2xLP, Are You Synthetic?, Voyag3r deliver a diverse, dark and dynamic collection of songs, including a cover of the King Crimson classic, Red. Heavier tracks, such as Ancient Enemies, bring the rock element to the forefront, while more open tracks like Sequenza Di Mezzanotte, showcase a 70s vibed, organic sound.

Track Listing:
1. The Terror Is Gaining On You
2. The Donning
3. War Mask
4. Ancient Enemies
5. Second Face
6. Red
7. Sequenza Di Mezzanotte
8. Hell Village
9. Ambush!
10. War Mask (Steve Greene mix)

War Mask was self-produced and recorded at the Tempermill studios in Ferndale, MI, using their Harrison 3232 custom console and MCI 2” 24-track tape machine. As with the previous V3 albums, the artwork was done by Slasher Dave.


Bellyache Records will be releasing War Mask on Friday, April 26 on vinyl with 2 limited edition color variants: Orange (limited to 200) and transparent green (limited to 200) as well as classic black. LP’s come with a 12×12 3-D art print, a war mask that doubles as the 3-D glasses and digital download code.
Pre-Orders for all vinyl formats of War Mask are at http://bellyacherecords.com


Battle Chamber Music will be releasing War Mask on CD and Cassette, including an additional mix of the title track, by band synthesist Steve Greene, done here at the Battle Chamber. The cassette is limited to 100 copies worldwide. 50 red shell cassette and 50 black shell cassette with clear Norelco case.
Pre-Orders for Cassette, CD and T-shirt of War Mask are at http://voyag3r.com


Voyag3r is:
Steve Greene – synthesizers, piano, saxophone
Greg Mastin – drums and percussion
Aaron Greene – guitars

Voyag3r has previously sold out of all special edition variants of their albums, and produced a 2nd pressing of Doom Fortress. Two tracks from Doom Fortress, One’s True Intentions and Il Guanto Nero, were licensed for Rowdy Roddy Piper’s last film, entitled Portal To Hell, directed by Vivieno Caldinelli. Voyag3r also contributed an exclusive track, Appearance of the Mysterious Traveler, to the Lake Shore Records soundtrack album to the documentary film The Rise of the Synths, directed by Ivan Castell.

Steve Greene – Distant Transmissions – Kona, Hawaii cassette pre-order is live

You can now pre-order the limited edition silver, metallic glitter cassette of the new Steve Greene solo album Distant Transmissions – Kona, Hawaii. Limited to 100 copies and will ship on or before the official release date of Friday, March 15, 2019. Order in the Battle Chamber Store.

What makes the Distant Transmissions album, which will be an on going series for Steve Greene, different is that it is not a traditional studio album. Distant Transmissions executes a specific discipline not only in the writing process, but also in the recording process.

Greene travels to a remote location and sets up a minimal synth and recording rig. In the case of the Kona, Hawaii sessions, 2 small synthesizers (Arturia MicroBrure and Dave Smith Instruments Tetra) one delay pedal (Earthquaker Devices Afterneath), a handheld digital recorder for open air recording and a D.A.W. No pre-planning or writing is done ahead of time, Greene specifically uses the unique and exotic environment to inspire the compositions.

Never knowing how much material will be created, the releases will vary in length and song count. Distant Transmissions – Kona, Hawaii has 6 tracks, coming in at 30 minutes of music, meets soundscape, meets movie score vibes.

Track Listing:
1. Through The Gateway
2. A Fog Engulfs The Coast
3. Blue Skies, Black Rocks
4. Lights In The Sky
5. The Source Of The Lights
6. Island Ambience

Distant Transmissions – Kona, Hawaii cassette pre-order

The pre-order for Steve Greene’s new solo album, Distant Transmissions – Kona, Hawaii will go live at 11am EST this Friday, February 15, 2019. Recorded on location in Kona, Hawaii. Limited to 100 copies.

The six song cassette features the following:
• Full color j-card
• Silver metallic glitter cassette shell with black print
• Clear Norelco case

Track Listing:
1. Through The Gateway
2. A Fog Engulfs The Coast
3. Blue Skies, Black Rocks
4. Lights In The Sky
5. The Source Of The Lights
6. Island Ambience

Cassettes will ship on or before Friday, March 15, 2019.


Pre-Order is live for Electronic Dreams For A Holographic Existence

The pre-order is now live, so do wait to grab your copy of Steve Greene (Voyag3r) debut solo album Electronic Dreams For A Holographic Existence! Information and quantities available are listed below for the vinyl versions as well as the cassette.


100 Transparent Red Vinyl available at http://www.bellyacherecords.com
200 Standard Black Vinyl available at http://www.bellyacherecords.com
75 Red Tint Cassettes available here at the Battle Chamber Store
BandCamp Pre-Order available at http://stevegreene.bandcamp.com
BandCamp pre-orders is for digital. Order now and receive “Machines, Schemes and Manipulations” instantly!


The Battle Chamber Store also has bundles packages for CD, Cassette and T-Shirt orders. As you can see, there are very limited quantities. Order your copies now!

On ELECTRONIC DREAMS FOR A HOLOGRAPHIC EXISTENCE, Greene has distilled the sum of a life of diverse musical influences and experiences into a compelling eight-song instrumental album. Whether or not listeners get enveloped by Greene’s pondering of some degree of singularity, they are sure to experience something that stays with them after the album’s final note ends.

“I’m sure it will mean different things to different people,” Greene said. “I’d feel like I accomplished something if this album took some listeners to places, in their mind, they might not normally go.”

Track listing:

Side 1
1. “Triad of the Dark”
2. “Machines, Schemes and Manipulations”
3. “Aerial Maneuvers”
4. “Gravitationally Bound”

Side 2
1. “The Hoax”
2. “The Great Barrier”
3. “Revel in Your Time”
4. “Expanding Symmetry”





New Steve Greene solo song via Burning Witch Records


Steve Greene will release his 2nd solo song on Saturday, October 14. Noir, City Streets and Macabre pt. 1 will be available as part of the Witches’ Halloween Brew cassette compilation in celebration of Cassette Store Day.

Burning Witches Records has a scary good release planned for Cassette Store Day, Oct. 14, that raises money for the World Wildlife Foundation, one of the best independent conservation organizations out there.

Witches’ Halloween Brew is a 19-cut, very limited-edition cassette compilation featuring some of the best synth-score composers for films real and imagined: Wojciech Golczewski, MAINE, Xander Harris, Pye Corner Audio, Steve Greene, and many more (details below). For those who don’t have a tape player, don’t worry: You’ll be able to buy it in digital form, too.

To add to how awesome this collection is, take note: MONDO/Death Waltz music head Spencer Hickman sequenced the release and visual artist Kimberley Holladay (who created the art for Death Waltz’s reissue of Forbidden World) did the artwork. Overall, it’s designed to create the perfect Halloween party, all while helping to save animals. It’s a win for everyone.

Each copy includes a download card. The album will also be available digitally via the Burning Witches Bandcamp. It’s set for release on Cassette Store Day, which is Oct. 14.


All of the artists agreed to donate their proceeds to the WWF, a cause that animates Burning Witches Records. Here is the track list:

  1. Xander Harris – “Burn Slow” 04:50
  2. Pye Corner Audio – “Forbidden Scenario 5” 04:36
  3. Joel Grind – “A Face In The Fog” 03:35
  4. Wojciech Golczewski – “Get Out” 03:39
  5. Repeated Viewing – “Dawn” 03:41
  6. BurningTapes – “Kiva” 03:09
  7. Ian Alex Mac – “The Homecoming” 02:46
  8. Espectrostatic – “The Doom That Came To Marble Town” 02:06
  9. Thomas Ragsdale – “Credo” 04:58
  10. All of Them Witches – “Return Of The Witch” 03:32
  11. Graham Reznick – “Hexagram” 03:01
  12. Moon Gangs – “Dressed In Red” 07:20
  13. Timothy Fife – “Polykinesis” 03:32
  14. Deathcount In Silicon Valley – “Leather Death” 05:58
  15. Steve Nolan – “Birth” 04:00
  16. Steve Greene – “Noir, City Streets and Macabre Pt.1” 07:08
  17. DIE HEXEN – “Haunt” 04:09
  18. Kreng – “Jurkje” 04:37
  19. MAINE – “Theme” 03:13


The 80 minutes of music will manifest on three different cassette variants, each limited to 75 copies: Pumpkin Orange, Neon Blood Red, and Glitter Witch.

PURCHSE IN UK/EUROPE: https://burningallwitches.bandcamp.com

PURCHASE IN USA: http://www.twoheadeddog.com/v-a-witches-halloween-brew-neon-blood-red-cassette/