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New Swamp Music Players EP out. Mixed and Mastered here a the Battle Chamber

swamp music players - 555 tiki motel

New music from Swamp Music Players the EP/Album ‘555 Tiki Motel’
Pre-Order Now! On Bandcamp! New music from Swamp Music Players the EP/Album ‘555 Tiki Motel’.

For our fans and supporters a special Discount and Early released only via the Bandcamp preorder! Get our lead track ‘Vacancy’ featuring Joseph Gearheart now and get the 5 track album on Nov 1st ahead of the Nov 9th official release! Please support your friendly neighbourhood Swamp Music Players!

Our EP is inspired by the Tiki Motel most famous as a key location as the protagonists hideout in ‘The Terminator’. We were inspired by the idea of the last days before the internet and the stories of people finding refuge or pausing at a sun bleached motel in a forgotten corner of 1980s Los Angeles. ‘555 Tiki Motel’ is our most mature album yet with three brooding heartfelt songs and two swampy b-side-tracks. Virginian Americana singer-songwriter Joseph Gearheart is the featured artist while the Swampers Damn Lieutenant Evert , Earl Jr Jackson Black , Geoff Mason, Don Jon and Romantic Ronan from Europe and Canada form the Swamp Music Players. A thoughtful and strange EP it harkens back to 1980s Americana and Retro Rock. Mixed and Mastered in Detroit at the Battle Chamber by Steve Greene it has a very American feel. Please pre-order on Bandcamp today!

Scared to Love, by Swamp Music Players, is released today. Mixed by Steve Greene.


Swamp Music Players release their new single today, February 14, entitled Scared To Love. The song was mixed by Steve Greene at the Battle Chamber. Featuring vocals by Laura Jacobs. Available on all digital music download and streaming sites. Take a listen.

Swamp Music Players Scared To Love features Laura Jacobs, a retro Cosmic Americana love song and is on the EP entitled, Commercial Touchdown.

Swamp Music Players : Drums by Earl Jr Jackson Black , Bass by Damn Lieutenant Evert, Guitar by Joseph Gearheart.